Wednesday, March 08, 2006

By my calculations, this dude should get 970 years

Most readers will be aware that an ample breasted Australian woman is imprisoned in Bali for 20 years after being convicted of attempting to smuggle 4.1kg (9lbs) of wacky weed into Indonesia. My personal view is that she is guilty, but that's not relevant to this article.

This week the Jakarta Post reported that a member of the Indonesian Marine Corps was caught red handed by Police with 199 kilograms (440 pounds) of grass in his car, close to the Marine compound at Cilandak, South Jakarta. This soldier, a native of Aceh, on the very western tip of Indonesia, on the island of Sumatra, reportedly bought the load of hooch in his hometown for Rp.300,000 per kilo (less than $1.00 an ounce), and drove for several days from Aceh to Jakarta, which also involved a boat trip from Lampung to Banten in order to cross from Sumatra to the island of Java.

One of the more ridiculous aspects of this case is the fact that the police estimate the street value of the 199 kgs of ganja to be Rp.360m, or just over $36,000. If that's the case, Schapelle's load of grass would only be worth a measly $800, which is hardly enough to risk being stood against a wall for target practice at sunrise.

So, with 199 kilos of dope in his possession, by my calculations our Marine Corp villain should be sentenced to somewhere around 970 years in prison.


Blogger treespotter said...

international trafficking always get more.

but yes, that always happen with the military though you don't really wanna know what they do to these guys once they're thrown into the military detention.

5:10 AM  

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