Monday, November 21, 2005

Doo doo run run, doo doo run run

I've been converting food into brown liquid for a week now, but other than that I've felt ok (no fever, stomach pain or anything like that). The little lady talked me into going to the doctor yesterday in case it was something more serious, and guess what? It is.

After giving a "stool sample" (have you ever tried to fill up one of those little containers when you've got the runs?) I sat around for 40 minutes while the lab did their thing (wouldn't you love that job?), and then the doctor told me I have Amoebiasis, which is basically a bunch of parasites having a party in my intestines. I'm on a 10 day course of some high powered antibiotics, which means no beer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hope you get well soon and it's great that you got help so quickly.

I stumbled upon your blog by complete accident but I feel compelled to share my own experience. I lived in Asia many years ago and contracted a similar parasite. Unfortunately for me, unlike in your case where the problem was detected right away, my illness went undiagnosed for years. Various unhelpful cures for my stomach problems ranged from the bizarre ("eat Ritz crackers") to the plain unhelpful ("take antacids.") This thing has had a negative effect on my quality of life and career. Haven't gone to the theater or had a three course meal in a restaurant for years. Big price to pay for a little bug!

Last year I finally found a doctor who correctly diagnosed my condition as amoebiasis. As a chronic condition, it is that much harder to cure and the symptoms are that much stronger. The healing process, I heard from another long-term amoebiasis sufferer, may take years. As I said, big price to pay.

So I guess what I'm saying is that despite the weirdness and ickiness of the labs etc, you can pretty much consider yourself lucky for receiving great care right away, Expat. Take good care of yourself going forward. If the drugs don't work, try others and keep an eye on the symptoms.

For what it's worth, I'd recommend investing in some high-quality probiotic supplements to replenish the good bacteria that will be killed off by the antibiotics. And mini bottles of hand disinfectant aren't a bad idea either. Definitely not overkill in a place like SE Asia. Just my two cents.

4:28 PM  
Blogger The Editor said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. Fortunately, after the course of antibiotics were completed I've been ok, so the drugs did work in this case. I've also been wolfing down yoghurt on a daily basis ever since for the reason you suggest, and I have one of those mini bottles of hand disinfectant handy as well.

It's easy to say "I'm clean" but you never know what the person serving you in a restaurant or shaking your hand has been doing recently :-)

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Bung landa said...

Waduh Mister, you don't seem to be enjoying yourself, judging from your posts. Too bad for you. Don't worry so much about your money and people trying "cheat" you out of it-- you'll go home with a fattened savings account and a crate full of crap from Sarinah, so stop complaining.
What else, hmm the university student thing- State Department gives nice grants to study in the US- but you probably think you are getting cheated on that as well.

12:08 PM  
Blogger The Editor said...

Pak Bung, thanks for your comments. Did you fail "Humour 101"?

2:04 PM  
Blogger Bowo said...

Mister, you must have been one of those violent Sydney skin heads who thinks white are super. Come to your sense or leave Indonesia, because we don't need racist Australian here. (by the way, check out bottom of your leg.Is the chain mark is still there...? )

3:07 PM  
Blogger The Editor said...

My dear new friend "Bowo", I notice that you mispelled your own name. I believe there should be a "z" instead of the "w".

I could have deleted your "comment" as being just the dribble of another nutter, but I decided your wisdom should be recorded in the Google archive for your grandchildren to read some day.

3:19 PM  

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