Monday, October 10, 2005

Security beefed up in response to Bali bombings

Our small town house complex has a security crew that is arranged by the landlord, and all the tenants pay a monthly fee that covers these guys. They're a nice friendly bunch, and most of them live in the kampung next door. The landlord provides them with the standard style of security uniform that you see all over Jakarta, although I'm guessing that choice of footwear is up to the guys themselves. Most of them favour sandals or thongs (or "flip flops" for our US readers), but at least one of the guys is right into the uniform thing and has a pair of army surplus boots, which are always freshly polished.

Last week, presumably in response to the general heightened security focus in Jakarta after the Kuta and Jimbaran bombings, our landlord decided on a highly visible enhancement to the security team at our complex. The standard issue baseball caps with a "security" logo have now been replaced by a navy blue version of what looks a lot like a German SS officer's cap (but not the leather caps favoured by the Village People). I've seen the guys wearing their new caps once, but most of them are sticking with the old baseball caps.


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