Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Home delivery

We went to the mall and purchased a cot for the baby's room. The cot was imported and required assembly, so we were told that it would be delivered and assembled for us, which to our ears sounded like excellent customer service. We assumed that the cot would be delivered the next day, however at around 8.00pm the same night I took a call at home from the delivery guys, asking specific directions to our house, saying that they're on their way and would be there a little later. We thought that was a bit late to be delivering stuff to customers, but we figured it wouldn't take them long to assemble the cot once they arrived shortly.

At around 10.00pm we'd given up on them arriving that night, and by then we'd agreed it was too late to be disturbed so if they arrived we'd tell them to come back the next day. I was brushing my teeth at 10.30pm ready for bed when I heard a truck outside the house with its reversing alarm beeping. I peered out from the curtains and watched the delivery guys leave this expensive cot on our front doorstep, and drive off again. After they'd driven away I opened the door and brought the parcel inside the house, and figured I'd be assembling it myself the next day.

Of course, I was wrong once again, and the delivery guys duly turned up the next morning to assemble the cot. That didn't stop the store phoning twice later that day to let us know that the guys would be coming around that night to assemble the cot.


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