Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rock and roll

This afternoon we found a Tex-Mex bar about 2 miles from here called "Amigos". They have live bands 7 nights a week, and a Peavey house PA. All of the bands are locals, including one C&W band, and an Elvis impersonator on Sunday nights. My mission is to put together an expat band and get a residency at this place, since it's close to home, has a good atmosphere, and a house PA. With so many expats living in this part of town, I'm thinking blues or southern rock will be the format that will work for this venue. Wish me luck!


We jammed for two hours tonight at a rehearsal room cum recording studio. Nice rooms, as good as any rehearsal rooms I've played at downunder, and is only 2 or 3 miles from our house. There is a house drum kit (Pearl), no-name bass rig and a Marshall half stack. I took my rig last night, but will use the house rig next time to save lugging mine. Room rental is only $6/hour.

Everything was miked up when we got there, and the owner came and stuck a mic in front of my cab after I set up. At first I thought he was doing that for the room PA, which would have been overkill, but after we had finished and were packing up I found out what he had been up to. He'd recorded the entire session on hard disk, and he'd done a pretty good job, judging by the couple of songs he played back for us. Presumably he uses rehearsing bands as guinea pigs for him to practice his recording skills. He told us if we want to record a CD some time, the price is just $8 per hour, so we'll take him up on that offer when we're ready to record a demo CD.

Our driver is a great guy and is always keen to carry stuff for us, such as shopping bags etc, but he couldn't get my 4 unit rack case off the ground. Based on what I've seen when the removalist brought our furniture to the house and when we've had furniture stores deliver things, a bass rig would be a 4 man carry for Indonesians.


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