Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Getting things done

The saga of my cable TV and internet installation is a good example of how things work in Indonesia -

We moved into our house 2 weeks ago, and the cable TV was up and running that day. Fortunately the cable guys (5 of them) were there that day with the landlord, so we were able to show them where we wanted the cable outlets (one in the living room, one in the main bedroom).

The next day we realised that the basic cable package doesn't include movie channels such as HBO or Cinemax, so I submitted a request for the extra channels, which would require a decoder to be supplied. I also requested an additional cable outlet for the maid's quarters, so she can watch some better TV than the local crap.

That day I also discovered that cable internet is through a different company, so I made an application to have cable internet activated. The cable internet company doesn't provide cable modems, so I had to contact another company to order a modem.

The modem turned up last Thursday. The cable guys came yesterday and installed a cable jack in the study, but now I need to fill out another form to get the service activated. And even though the guys were in the house installing an outlet for cable internet, they couldn't install the extra outlet for the maid's quarters, because that wasn't on their job sheet. The same guys are coming back on Thursday to do that.

Then, when I phoned the cable company to ask about HBO and Cinemax, they said there is a shortage of decoder boxes, and they don't know when one will be supplied.


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