Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Is it safe?

There are 10 houses in our compound, and we each kick in $60 a month to employ security guards 24/7. Of course, they're unarmed and built like jockeys, so I'm not sure how effective they'd be in a clutch situation.


Today I was sitting in traffic at 7.00am on the way to the office, and when I glanced out the window the rider of the stationary motor bike immediately next to my window had a .38 revolver in an open holster on his belt. After checking the guy out for a few seconds I realised he was a cop on his way to work, because despite his 70's style tan patchwork leather jacket and 125cc Honda underneath he was wearing the smart and stylish uniform of the Jakarta police force. These guys are always turned out very sharply and definitely look the part.

What concerned me was that this guy's holster had no safety strap, so if he rode over a pothole his revolver could soon be bouncing along the road. But the really scary part is that any badass on a motor bike stuck in traffic sitting immediately behind the cop could just reach forward and grab the weapon. Hell, I could have lowered my window and grabbed it myself, since it was less than 12 inches from my left shoulder.


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