Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pest control requiring WMD

My esteemed blogging colleague Indcoup writes today about the ease of dealing with rodents at his residence -

I have always made sure on my trips to Hero Supermarket to pick up loads of the wonderfully effective rat traps that they make here. My particular favorite is a simple wooden board that has been covered with the stickiest fucking glue that you can imagine. When the little bastards walk on this they simply have no chance.

Indcoup obviously hasn't seen the monster rat that lives in our back garden, which weighs in around the same as a well fed tom cat and is clearly the Mike Tyson of the Jakarta rodent community. I invested in a couple of the sticky glue rat traps mentioned above (these are hefty traps, around 25cm long and 10cm wide) and placed them along external walls in the garden area as recommended on the packaging (apparently, rodents have poor eyesight, so like to travel close to walls and use their whiskers for navigation).

The next morning, I checked the traps, while armed with a long blunt ended object, on the assumption that I would need to dispatch the stuck monster rat in close quarter hand to hand combat. To my amazement I found one of the traps upside down and 2 meters away from where I had placed it, with two large rat footprints embedded in the industrial strength glue. Iron Mike The Monster Rat had treated the super dooper rat trap with disdain, casting it aside like somebody kicking off their sandals at the front door.

I can see that more advanced weaponry will be required to deal with this unwanted guest. I thought about importing a good old Australian possum trap, but Indonesian Customs would probably want to charge me $500 import duty on it as a "luxury item".


Anonymous Cory said...

No monkeys yet? The day our friends saw a grown man running down the street w/a monkey hot on his heels, was the day they moved away from the "nature reserve".

10:15 PM  
Blogger IndCoup said...


Great stuff.

Why not try rat poison?
You can also get it from Hero.

This is really nasty stuff, and a few hours after they've eaten it they walk around as if they are pissed out of their brains.

Then is your opportunity to finish 'em off.

Just make sure your neighbor's cats don't eat it!!

Good luck!!!!

3:19 PM  

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