Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Keep Up The Great Work!

We returned to Jakarta on the weekend after a few weeks R&R in the home country, and upon our return it was wonderful to see that nothing had changed. In our absence we gave our housekeeper a list of tasks to take care of while we were away, the most important job being to ensure that the landlord arranged to have the house treated for termites (again, for the fourth time just over a year).

When we arrived home bleary eyed after a day of flying on airplanes and sitting around airports with a baby, we realized that our housekeeper managed to maintain her consistent level of performance in recent weeks –

Our floor-to-ceiling curtains, which were listed to be washed while we were away, are now somewhat-above-floor-to-ceiling curtains

With 3 weeks to organize the termite treatment, it actually took place the day before we returned, therefore a pungent cocktail of pesticide and fresh paint permeated the entire house

No dropsheets were used by the painters (or thought of by the housekeeper) who had been touching up the ceiling panels after the termite guys did their stuff, so our living room furniture is now covered in white paint splatter

I know, you're probably thinking "why don't you just get rid of her if she's that bad". Well, firstly there's no guarantee that there's anybody better out there, and secondly, her husband is our drivers, and since he's doing a great job of keeping us alive on the madhouse Jakarta roads, we'd hate to lose him.


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